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World War Z is now FREE but is it WORTH playing in 2020? (Review)

World War Z has recently been made free for a limited time, from March 26th – April 2nd you get to keep it forever so long as you add it to your library. Now that it …


  1. Venatix 7 months ago

    Turns out the new maps/missions will be paid but are apart of the season pass! The previous new maps they gave to us for free.
    How to get WWZ FREE on PC: https://youtu.be/cIfF2aDi_uY
    New Horde Mode Gameplay: https://youtu.be/I8WlbElAseQ

  2. Ben Sadikin 7 months ago

    Just downloaded from EpicStore FOR FREE and had a blast playing duo with my buddy. The game is pretty well build. It doesnt feel janky / glitchy and its quite fluid when i play it from my wooden PC.

  3. absent tuber 7 months ago

    Is this for only pc or ps4 too

  4. D Dl 7 months ago

    I guess quarantine won't be that boring with Wwz 🙂

  5. Killsteele - 7 months ago

    Are you sponsored by the devs of wwz? If you not you should be for this video lol

  6. Davjay 7 months ago

    Free!, anything free is worth

  7. Thodoris Kosidis 7 months ago

    Completly agree!this game is a masterpiece and i think everyone should buy it!!

  8. Scott Grosjean 7 months ago

    Killing Floor 2?

  9. PH4T JOKER 7 months ago

    Hella fun game and it being free is pretty cool . I hope some more people come on to it cause it truly is a gem in the zombie genre of games.

  10. martin yachev 7 months ago

    Free from their site or steam or?

  11. Frank castle WZ 7 months ago

    Fall a sleep playin this shaun of the dead games

  12. Dylan Tamajon 7 months ago

    Downloaded it got excited to play and every time I open it my pc crashes

  13. elkkari m 7 months ago

    The only reason I use the epic games store is free games.

  14. Chris Legend 7 months ago

    And I bought it a couple weeks ago, should’ve waited, tho I got a deal on the game anyway

  15. Emperor GoD 7 months ago

    @Venatix would you like to make some guides/builds like what specs should i pickup

  16. dwat kinsayzz 7 months ago

    I wish you could turn off the hit markers i wanna see my shots hit not see a anoying red tick

  17. PRO•taehyung V 7 months ago

    After the limited time, does we need to pay to play?

  18. mojtaba 333 7 months ago

    You are the go to place

  19. Junior Theking 7 months ago

    Say what its coming free to play on par??

  20. Berreuh_ R6 7 months ago

    is there a max amount ouf rounds in hordes ? on any difficulty ?

  21. danmancino22 7 months ago

    Fuck epic.

  22. Turtlebla 7 months ago

    Is it for pc or PS4?

  23. Happy Dinos 7 months ago

    well looks like its alive again

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