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WESTWORLD Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Who Hale Really Is & Easter Eggs

WESTWORLD Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs & Simulation Theory. We review, recap and predict Westworld Season 3 …


  1. Heavy Spoilers 7 months ago

    Let us know your thoughts on the Hale theory and what you think will happen with Caleb. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ?sub_confirmation=1

  2. nzMunchie 7 months ago

    Serac is an AI who is actually Ford but hes wearing Serac as a disguise so they won't know who is really controlling it all 😛

  3. Gigi Bouse 7 months ago

    Abernathy makes sense because of the mannerisms and personality traits the character shows us. Abernathy became very paranoid, unsure of himself, etc due to that picture he found way back, One more note, Rehoboam based on what I have read and know and is all here is this white paper out of Purdue U 2006, is based on the real life SWS Sentient World Simulation platform that our DoD, Homeland Security, other agencies have been using for some time. Vacuums up tons of info in real time news, trends, weather patterns, you name it (personal data, social media) continuously calibrating it. To include current events. Then operators can plug in what they plan to do or any fictitious event and get solutions that they can gauge a whole range of things, such as should they pull off this false flag for real?; how would the world respond to a pandemic virus and governments locking down citizens in homes? With NSA and and other surveillance tech we have you can just imagine how they can condition a society over time with the addition of propaganda media, entertainment, etc is is a social engineers wildest dream come true. The devil is in the details and a quick read from above link (including graphics) will lend anyone watching the show the perfect comparative analysis tool to weigh on Rehoboam in the show.

  4. AreaMan 7 months ago

    God damn, that episode was nearly perfect

  5. Michael Lawrence 7 months ago

    Serac is not even a real person. He is just a hologram in a individual made up to serve as the human face of rehoboam

  6. ANTHONY NIGEL KENDRICK 7 months ago

    Great review, but the entire west world series has from the beginning used mis-direction and as you said i think the whole world is being controlled by the master program 'thingie' and not quite sure but Kalib/ 'Aron Pauls 'will be ousted as another host, possibly James Marsdens charecter.

  7. Ben Braker 7 months ago

    All of the hosts only have a father — Ford & Bernard.

    No. It is better that Peter is in Charlotte, not Wyatt. Peter was confused with who he is, would hurt himself, loves Deloris and she loves him, … and he would kill anybody that threatens to harm his child.

    The SuperAI is not the bad guy. Serac & Delores are the bad guys.

    Serac wants to control all life using his superAI.

    Deloreas wants to kill all humans … for controlling and abusing all AI.

    The SuperAI is simply another HOST being controlled by Humans.

    Bernard is clearly the good guy and the greatest threat to Serac. Bernard knows how to create self aware IA …. and Serac has the most powerful AI on the planet.

    Serac & his SuperAI did not predict what Ford & Bernard with do with AI. They have only recently identified Delores & Mauve. They do not know about Bernard and what he can do.

    Delores likely allowed Bernard to live, because she knows if she fails, Bernard can make more of their kind, and he is willing to take extreme steps to correct a wrong (eg Charlotte killing Elsie).

    The SuperAI is only doing what Serac wants, and controls every aspect of Human life. Bernard will not like what Serac is doing to fellow human beings and will act. But again, both do not know about each other … and neither has the SuperAI done simulations at westwold involving the maze and AI getting awareness.

  8. kim warner 7 months ago

    Why are there only 6 episodes? I so sick of HBO making short seasons and then the show comes back two or three years later

  9. Billie Eyelash 7 months ago

    3:35 I almost choked on my cereal I just about died laughing 😂😂😂

  10. Gigi Bouse 7 months ago

    They did leave it there I saw it with my own eyes.

  11. Gigi Bouse 7 months ago

    If you have the captions function on it shows that Abernathy is inside Charlotte. When Charlotte speaks the captions show Abernathy in parentheses.

  12. TheMedwards2 7 months ago

    I think its the snake lady 🤷🏿‍♀️🐍

  13. Andres Gonzalez 7 months ago

    Curious if Nathan's name is some kind of foreshadowing? Nathan Hale was a spy for the American side during the revolutionary war who was eventually captured and executed by the British. Not sure what that would suggest, but seems pretty in line with the kind of references the show has done.

  14. L amo 7 months ago

    I think Bernard is Charlotte…

    Arnold knew Dolores better than anyone and she had so many memories that she created Bernard.

    Charlotte straight away said Bernard was the lone wolf… I think she was happy to make him the 'enemy' because she knew Bernard was safe within.

    Charlotte knows who the red pearl is… He's a dark character. So I think it's either MIb or Ford.

    The big turnaround for Charlotte was that she WAS a loving parent… The big reveal for Bernard was that he WASN'T a parent. They both get a do-over here xxx

  15. DeathStar Gigi 7 months ago

    Charlotte could also be Abernathy. If you remember in season one Abernathy‘s original storyline he was cannibalistic murdering outlaw.

  16. Ali Arafat 7 months ago

    its teddy, assholes.

  17. Kyle Moore 7 months ago

    There are two more anagrams you get from SERAC: CARES and RACES. SO SERAC both SCARES and CARES for the RACES (host and human).

  18. Giovanni Buono 7 months ago

    Charlotte is ANGELA!

  19. Miloud Hadjadj 7 months ago

    is it just me or someone else saw in the end there were a ghostly flow of air near the right ear of Hale !!!

  20. Kyle Moore 7 months ago

    Serac is Ford. Serac spelled backward is cares-something that Ford did about the hosts.

  21. benekaiwi1 7 months ago

    It's Maeve or the Japanese Maeve. When the pedo touched Hales son, she snapped just like maeve or Japanese Maeve.

  22. sam Taylor-Jobbins 7 months ago

    I had written out something quite comprehensive in an effort to get my point across but realised I was just complicating everything. So at the risk of sounding idiot I’ll just drive into it. Hails origin story that we see at the beginning and tail finding out about the stolen shares and reviewing the robot must be separate timelines from Dolores in the tunnel. My reason behind that is basically she takes out her phone inevitably calling Dolores but then we see Dolores in the tunnel and so can’t simply just switch from day to night

  23. Nintendo Enthusiast 7 months ago

    I already like this season more than S2. It's amazing so far!

  24. 845835ab 7 months ago

    Good to know the stupid stormtrooper is a live and well in this show!

  25. Beez Trapp 7 months ago

    Billy Exotic!!!!

  26. Bella Maz 7 months ago

    George ! 😢

  27. Rob Braun 7 months ago

    I'm thinking that Char-Hale is a Copy of Dolores because she's fully aware of Bernard's pearl when she refers to it as "Him." The only other Host who it could be is Lawrence's Daughter based on her Proxy for Ford status throughout the series. When the Delos technician hands Hale the datapad showing Maeve's been taken, he mentions the other pearls were from "hosts from minor narratives."

  28. Juraj Panigaj 7 months ago

    Ahhh, good lord, I can´t stand Dolores, kill her someone 🙁 … at least she thicc af

  29. LBVuitton 7 months ago

    Joe Exotic as the Man in Black lmaaaaoooooo

  30. AnythingCherry 7 months ago

    Try this one out: Dolores is William and Charlotte is Dolores…

    It makes sense: it kinda fits "you belong to me" and "nobody knows me like you and vice versa" and also "She tried to stop us" is now in a new light. And William is STILL trying to save Delos. And then Dolores tells Charlotte "you have to survive FOR YOUR KIND." 😉

  31. Acsitram - 7 months ago

    2 seasons build up to this why people hating?

  32. hh hh 7 months ago

    Ford lives in that machine

  33. SA 3D Design 7 months ago

    so my theory is that, Hale is Valentine How> i remember valentine used to cut her self so does hale, Prove me wrong

  34. tehya johns 7 months ago

    Maybe they're all only in this simulation and the true goal, is for them to get out into the real world. And that's why we always blip back to Rohoboam's coordinates within the simulation.

  35. Mark Little 7 months ago

    excellent episode, why are people being so negative…. the big baddie is definitely the AI

  36. Mr. 101 7 months ago

    I love the season and it surprises me to know many are negative about this.

  37. Bobby Mobay 7 months ago

    Too complicated. I won't be watching this year…..will wait till…season 5?

  38. Giyan Vice 7 months ago

    Jorge the robot is construction robot. It can climb construction buildings to attach things from outside. It can sit on top of an iron beam without safety harnesses. It is also meant to save human companion's life. So it really does not make any sense that it can just be pushed off a building. Also it should not be destroyed upon impact without any kind of airbag features. Total stupidity on the part of the writers when the whole show is about smart AI robots.

  39. ju bei 7 months ago

    The Rico app is also controlled by rohobon are whatever that A.I.s name is

  40. ju bei 7 months ago

    It's seems like if you mix a human and host soul it stabilizes the human soul making it capable of having access to all it's memorys at once without going insane because the host is used to living like this rembering every detail since birth

  41. TriXJester 7 months ago

    Hale in this episode honestly gave me more Angela vibes

  42. GiveMeShelter 7 months ago

    I think the 3rd Season of Westworld happens to be the strongest. Question to why the ratings are going down. Perhaps, people are looking for a less bleak escapism?

  43. Danielle Roberson 7 months ago

    The link to the easter eggs is not the correct link

  44. hazedus 7 months ago

    3:35 that’s not the “man in black” 😂 😂 that’s #JoeExotic 😝 you tried it…..

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