Katarina Best Guide 2017 Season 7. Ultimate guide for Katarina. Katarina champion spotlight. How to play Katarina. (build, runes, masteries, combo, abilities, items) S7. 🔔SUBSCRIBE: 💛Support me: 🔶Lower your lag:

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  1. Bobby Jay 11 months ago

    This is pretty good answered most of my questions but I still don't understand her ultimate.

  2. Kasper Brandt 11 months ago

    Nice vid

  3. computo2000 11 months ago

    Commenting here for the giveaway. Ramen!!

  4. m alfouzan 11 months ago

    Good Luck for the giveaway

  5. RandomDude 11 months ago

    Nice video! Keep up the good work . Just so you know I liked and subbed and turned the bell. 😀

  6. Flightfox67 11 months ago

    can you do yasuo?

  7. Crni Cmar 11 months ago

    I wish to gain some rp 🙂

  8. K/DA Lynn 11 months ago

    leaves a comment :3

  9. Marksman op 11 months ago

    hello remus subcibed nice video keep it up man btw can u accept my friend request my name is Master yi 209
    i dont main yi tho 😛

  10. YasuoBringer 11 months ago

    Do kled next

  11. Hunter Lex 11 months ago

    Awesome guide

  12. Alex / CampRep 11 months ago

    I`m the Best Katarina player in my house to 🙂

  13. FlyingBiscuit123 11 months ago

    Hey there. Your guide is decent and goes in depth well on the different starts, but I feel like you neglect the most important one for Katarina, who has a lot of pressure in the early game.

    The longsword + AD reds, with mpen in blues and quints start ( I know you mention the AD scaling but this start relies on both the runes and starting item in my experience )

    . An incredible start that gives you significant early threat and an option to powerspike by going Bilge->Sorc->Finish GB if you fail to secure an early lead.

    In my opinion boots 4 pots is almost never a good start unless you're intending to abuse early roams (which should be mentioned specifically, not just the term mobility ) and don't have much kill potential in lane, given it gives you absolutely no viable combat stats but more roam pressure instead.

    Personally, I would also not say "I like going for hextech gunblade first" , but intentionally stress the fact that it is Katarina's biggest and most grossly underestimated powerspike besides when you add the sorc shoes to it. I find it almost mandatory unless I fell way too far behind to be useful with gunblade, but that means I won't be doing much in the game anyway.

    I would also suggest mentioning Haunting Guise in itself as a purchase if the enemy hasn't stacked any MR yet. It means for a few minutes mid-game you will melt people, especially with the mpen + AD setup in runes, which is another very healthy spike to abuse and push leads with.

    Zhonya's isn't mandatory that early in my opinion either, unless for some reason you fill the role of initiate/bait where you need to use it to dodge key CC, or burst someone then let your team follow, but if you as Katarina need to make these high variance plays, it's a team-comp or game specific problem. I find her best as secondary engage, or as an unseen flank that turns the odds on a low HP target who was caught out, given you will burst them if you join the teamfight at the right time without risking your life.

    Matchup wise, perfect explanation, nothing to add besides mentioning the few AD mids that will bully you if you don't start cloth 4 pots ( Zed, Yasuo, Talon )

    Not sure if I missed out on it, but you also seem to ignore the EWQ combo for an all-in, which gives the most chase and sticking power if you need to run someone down your lane after you let them push into you, given for that all-in you need the length of the lane.

    You also mention the combo of going on a dagger to quickly E back to a minion. This only really has merit since the E nerfs if your skill order 1-6 would be Q-E-W-E-E-R, instead of Q max, unless you're running CDR to compensate. It leaves too much of an opening especially to on-click abilities otherwise from my perspective.

    Overall, good guide, definitely a lot of info I see anyone with lots of mastery in Katarina share as well, though I think she can work into almost any team-comp as long as you have enough experience on how to play her. Note that I say into any team-comp. It doesn't matter if they have tanks, as long as your team has some form of engage or lockdown, you can near-reliably burst a target if you got ahead in lane and your team can start the engage for you.

  14. grim lord 11 months ago

    One of the most real and useful kat guides out there lol love ur montages i'm a kat otp too 🙂

  15. milos nikolic 11 months ago

    What server are you playing on?

  16. Gavyn Bromley 11 months ago

    I've always been to scared to even try the new kat. Tganks for this vid I'll deffinetpy have to try her out now

  17. Sigma 11 months ago

    2:58 I couldn't concentrate on what you were saying. My eyes were kinda wandering…

  18. By Shin 11 months ago

    What do you think about playing with magic pen ad runes instead of ap runes?

  19. Antanas Babič 11 months ago

    I left a comment

  20. Alex Petit 11 months ago


  21. Archangel .712 11 months ago

    Hi i hate kata. Srynotsry

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