Under the right circumstances, maybe you too can make Teemo support work in your League of Legends games. Its actually very fun and can be viable when the stars align for you to actually pick him. Support Teemo with Dark Harvest in Diamond Solo queue in Season 9.

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  1. Maddie Daybell 8 months ago

    I guess size doesn't mean everything

  2. jakkero-csgo 8 months ago

    lmao he just ks how is that support

  3. Baby Potato 8 months ago

    subbed! new to LoL but ive played 100+ games on teemo (not rank games tho) I played Jungle support top and mid teemo! I won games cause of google and youtube guides just copied the items for no reason and won!

  4. truthseeker 8 months ago

    teemo support is so dope, I LUV IT! XD his shrooms count as extra wards and the unlikely scenario if your team had a brain would lure enemy teams to their doom.

  5. Floricide 8 months ago

    what are the right circumstances for teemo support

  6. Croqueta lechera 8 months ago

    Flame in chat xDD typic kids in lol, this rene… xDD ''I go afk'' looool.

  7. Quang Trịnh 8 months ago

    Fuck night bule 3

  8. Odysseas Feretopoulos 8 months ago


  9. Tomi 8 months ago

    Plat 1 OTP Teemo support here. Thanks for showing off-meta like this can work too. People on your own team hate Teemo supp way too often lol. Although the 1/0 Cait lane start skews the big picture a bit
    Ok, "some" input:


    Never, ever, play Teemo with Vayne. You're too easily destroyed by almost any lane because of Vayne's short AA range, you can't trade alone, and you can't protect Vayne almost at all compared to traditional support picks. Caitlin is probably the best pick because of her W and E. Honorable mention to good Jhins who land a W after you poke, after which you can push more damage in. Tristana with her W initiates can be devastating too. Teemo+Draven has ridiculously high all-in damage. Some other good picks are Ziggs, Yasuo, Swain, and Lux. Their kits complement Teemo's weakness. Against any hard lane this pick completely relies on your jungler to babysit the weak pre-6, and good enemy teams can and will abuse your weak pre-6 presence too

    Zyra, Brand, Vel'koz, and Xerath are hardcounters. Can't do anything.


    Cheap shot – viable if you got really good micro and always manage to put Q+AA in. Vs any competetive ranged support you'll need Taste of Blood or they'll out-trade you most of the time. Personally I don't ever play it because Taste is much more consistent and reliable. If you lose a few trades you can Q poke your hp back slowly. Especially with Ravenous hunter, which sadly outweighs Ultimate hunter vs hard lanes, and later on gives you surprisingly much survivability vs assassins, when otherwise you'd often get just one-shot

    Absolute focus – if you get out-traded it turns useless. Scorch is more consistent, and Gathering storm is insane compared to other options starting from mid-game. Those rare times when the game drags on to 30-40mins, Harvest with Gathering Storm, Liandry+Luden+Void Staff do 50-70% max hp dmg on any squishy. Only scenario where I play absolute focus is with Aery+scorch build vs melee supports, or sometimes vs Vayne as enemy ADC
    Eyeball collection and Ghost poro is a tough choice. The extra vision from Poros shouldn't be underestimated. Especially with the coming Ghost Poro buff I think it becomes the clear winner

    Against hardcounters Relentless hunter (picking Celerity too sometimes) and one or even two magic resistance runes are the only way to not get poked out of the lane right away.

    I recently watched some Challenger Teemo (troll) supp videos, and they had an interesting build which I've too had good results with after trying it. They took an attack speed rune, and ranked E. Really strong sustained damage. You can pretty much 2v1 kill the enemy lane if they tunnelvision your ADC

    If you get 1100 gold on your first back, always buy Sorc shoes. I promise you won't regret it if you ranked Q. I've had so many enemy teams just open bot after this happens. Liandry should always be rushed. Always. It's the main source of damage on the shroom based map+objective control, which is one of the biggest strengths of this pick. Shrooms should never be clustered too closely because they're too easily cleared. Good shrooming can't often be countered even when the enemy team buys 3 or even more Oracles. Always bait their Oracles when you're close to them, by dropping a shroom or a ward where they can clear it.

    When the game is even or you're winning, Luden seems to be the consistent choice for 2nd item, with the proc and CDR, and the mana isn't shabby either. The Challenger build I mentioned above uses Nashor as 2nd item. It's not bad otherwise either, synergy with Ravenous Hunter is rly good. Matter of taste I'd say. Harder all ins with slightly weaker Shroom presence.

    If you're facing fed AD assassins or 4-5 AD team, I often buy Tabis and Frozen heart as 2nd item. They try to one-shot you, and you'll just run away with a couple hundred hp. Zhonya's would be the other obvious option, but I like to get CDR capped asap for more shrooms

    Oh, and there's one spot on the right side behind Baron where you can hit him with a shroom

    Max shroom damage build on squishies is Liandry Sorcs Luden/Void staff (in order you prefer, both have pros and cons), Morello, Rabadon. In this order. If they have a lot of tanky stuff and not too much healing, Rabadon before Morello is more damage.

  10. Francesco DiLeonardo 8 months ago

    you're great dude

  11. Heugh Jassman 8 months ago

    Teemo scales extremely well as support. His ability to poke, hide and make you almost ungankable after level 6 makes him very viable.

  12. MummbaMIESTER 8 months ago

    I hate junlgers that never use the Scuttle and then loose it….

  13. Dang Diggity 8 months ago

    i see a lot fo teemo support and it only works if the nemy team is literal idiots. think about it, you probs think about hte shrooms and the blind the most, but the blind is often easy to bait out(also sometimes the sups autos hurts more in bursts, like a lux) and supports are getting their oracle anyways at around 10-12 min :p pretty sure zyra is one of the strongest chamsp against him tho, she can kill his shrooms with her plants and har plants are just gonna melt him

  14. Francesco Pauletto 8 months ago

    He goes for jayce. He knows he was dead and still backed off instead of following and auto…

  15. Murloc Mage 8 months ago

    U actually trolling lol

  16. maestro 8 months ago

    So many question marks

  17. President _Brie 8 months ago

    I saw ap shaco in the chat and have been considering it as maybe viable with aery and font of life. Thoughts????

  18. George Glor 8 months ago

    Teach a new troll for this Spanish and french auto filler

  19. Carl John 8 months ago

    Played a Xerath into a teemo and crushed him in lane. Burnt his bushes down blew him up in and out of landing phase

  20. Meme Machine 8 months ago

    Teemo sup is busted, im 57% winrate as teemo support.
    IF they pick an adc+support (not some karma/jarven bullshit) its actually overpowered

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