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Now then you Groovy Cats, have you ever wanted a talior made suit? Don’t want to pay thousands of pounds / dollars for the right suit? Then Hoi An, Vietnam is for you! There are over 400 tailors in Hoi An, so we have done the shopping for you. We head to the top 4 tailor shops; Kimmy Tailors, Five Seasons, Tony The Tailors and Yarly Couture. Check out what they are like inside, how they measure up against each other. Who will we decide to go with? Tune in next week and find out!

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  1. Ben Freely 1 year ago

    Now the you groovy cats! Have you ever had a suit or dress made? How did it turn out? Want to recommend your tailor below? Share what you got travel junkies!

  2. Gipsy Dean 1 year ago

    Your Music sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DJ Floflo 1 year ago

    Nice video! I'm sad I found your channel one year too late, I'm travelling to Vietnam in one week and I'm planning to get a tailor made suit in Hoi An as well!! I was very interested to find out which store you picked and to see your goods!

  4. Justmyopinionlol 1 year ago

    actually I got pajamas made here what you brits called dressing gowns. They have the right silks for these projects which cost a fortune even buying off the rack.

  5. Steve Cosby 1 year ago

    Kill the music It does not add any value to your videos and it is drowning out what you are saying

  6. sammie smith 1 year ago

    Very good video. I plan to buy many suits in Vietnam as I plan to live there.

  7. Doan Phuong 1 year ago

    So where’s the next video where you show us which tailor you picked???

  8. Thomas Oeler 1 year ago

    just to the average tourist person, u wont get a bespoke suit, that means all stitched are done by machines and the canvas is probably glued not horsehair or anything high quality. and the custom suits are actually make to measure, which means the pattern are already there, they just fit some areas to ur body, but the big issue is, that non of the pattern is actually for u specifically. think about getting a kitchen, which was design for a specific house, now u want to fit that kitchen into ur room, u have to cut there and there to make it fit. but the oven, the fridge etc. the basic concept is fixed… got it?

  9. nasir mahmood 1 year ago

    you are both stupid small tits and small dick what do you think you find a suit cheap and last you 1 year you stupid people cheap clothes last 6 months that's why they sell cheap you mother fuckers they have to make money

  10. 바보씨TV 1 year ago

    Ben, remember me. That's Terry.

  11. Edsel Malasig 1 year ago

    so many ideas to help them transition Ben Freely.

  12. Edsel Malasig 1 year ago

    Thanks sir.

  13. Ninawolf Nina 1 year ago

    Go to halongbay my hometown

  14. mark crocker 1 year ago

    Great video.
    Which tailor did you end up going with?

  15. kijang777 1 year ago

    Where is the update?

  16. HB Maverick 1 year ago

    Nice video, great suits!

  17. Japan Hiroshima 1 year ago

    nice country …. I hit the red button 334 for you, hope you do the same too, lets stay connect, and have a nice day there , ?? ? ?

  18. Arbitrary Exploration 1 year ago

    This was fascinating to watch! So many difficult decisions and you haven't even gotten to the details stage. It is amazing what it available there. I am new to your channel and looking forward to watching more of your videos. I clicked the bell so I can catch you next video when it comes out! 🙂

  19. Chris Massie 1 year ago

    O man getting a custom suit would be awesome plus it would fit perfect. That is a very reasonable price for a suit.

  20. Leon and Tash 1 year ago

    Awesome video and great timing, as we're heading down to Hoi An soon to get a few thing made, so the info was a bonus thanks 🙂
    Now we're looking forward to watching your earlier videos in Vietnam and to see what comes next.

  21. omgisthatvik 1 year ago

    I didn't know they were famous for tailors! Will have to head back now ?

  22. Tania's Makeup 1 year ago


  23. The Lost Lemurian 1 year ago

    Wow, I'm so impressed with the welcome you got at Kimmy's! They were so lovely! They were all nice but Kimmy's really stood out with their customer service. (Also, yay for moving away from animal products!)

  24. Puri and Sue 1 year ago

    Shopping can just takes up so much time! The people in Kimmy seems really friendly! Puri had his suit done in Thailand for a really good price as well, great quality and completed in 3 days! We've researched for quite a bit before going, also it was recommended by one of our friend from Thailand. – so that helps us to save time from going around. Can't wait to see whicih you've went ahead with! Have to say your drone shots are amazing!

  25. Rob's Quest 1 year ago

    I've been in Hoi An two years ago but somehow haven't took the chance to made me a tailor made suite. Kimmy looked like the place I'd go for. Looking forward to see which Suite you choose.

  26. Maiku 1 year ago

    hmmmm. Damn buddy, I just want to know if the quality is good enough for wear in Winter. Or is it only summer suits.

  27. Family Travel Go 1 year ago

    I’ve never had a suit made. Very cool to see the different options and layouts of the stores. Hard to choose between them all.

  28. Bang's Bucket List 1 year ago

    It's interesting that you need to remove your shoes in the shops there. I've never been to any like that. 🙂 When I was younger, most of my dresses were tailor made. It's also pretty cheap here in the Philippines. Normally we provide them our own cloth / materials

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