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Redmi Note 9 Pro unboxing: the ultimate new all-rounder.

Dear Mi Fans. I did an un-boxing of Redmi Note 9 Pro, the ultimate new all-rounder.

This it the phone with:
🖥 Best Processor: Super powerful #Qualcomm #Snapdragon 720G
🛰 #NavIC support from #ISRO
👌 Incredible #Camera: 48MP Quad camera
🤳 Amazing #selfie: 16MP in display
🔋 Massive #Battery: 5020mAh
⚡ Super Fast #Charging: 18W charger in-box
📱 Huge #Display: Huge 16.9 (6.67”) FHD+ Dot Display
🦍 Highest #Quality: Triple Corning #GorillaGlass5 – front & back
💦 #WaterProof: P2i splash proof coating
😍 #Design: Beautiful Aura Balance. 3 spectacular colors – Interstellar Black, Glacier White, Aurora Blue!

Check out this video and please share your suggestions with me.

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  1. rahul raj 1 year ago

    Sir max ka sell kab lagao ge

  2. Rajat daki 1 year ago

    New spy gadget

  3. Sumitkumar Pradhan 1 year ago

    Sir display issue ke sath gaming issue ko bhi thik karo. Pubg khelne ke time phone lack hota he. Display burn and bleeding bhi hota he. Please solve this problem sir.

  4. VISHAL chandel 1 year ago

    Sir iam lover of redmi
    Sir 😍but redmi note 9pro screen bleeding issue 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Suryan JS 1 year ago

    Ur phone is note available . Wtf are you doing

  6. Debaki Khosla 1 year ago

    You are going to be a poor company xiaomi because of Fake sale of Redmi note 9 pro max…All are going for Realme brand you are lost 🤙🤙

  7. Dârk Ñêss 1 year ago

    Hey fix the problem in redmi note 9 pro of screen bleeding and screen bleeding

  8. Nishant gothwal 1 year ago

    The glacier white colour is amazing…#ILOVEMI

  9. Harshal Gohel 1 year ago

    Worst brand ever, why? Must read
    Every app in this redmi's phone contain adds and you can't uninstall it. If you want to shaw us adds than why we are paying money to buy that smartphone. Stop seeing those adds. We haven't buy it for free, we don't want those adds anymore.
    Plz like it so we can bring company's attention, and if you are seeing adds in your mobiles than share this comment in every mobile unboxing.

  10. Liki Liki 1 year ago

    White colour

  11. Tosikul Islam 1 year ago

    I want to see the zoom test of redmi note 9 pro max

  12. Ketan Thakkar 1 year ago

    Redmi note 9 kab ayega plz bolo

  13. Deewakar Kumar 1 year ago

    Redmi note 9pro is the best phone. I 💓 you 💓💓💓💓

  14. Syed Nouman 1 year ago


  15. Yogesh Kumar Tripathi 1 year ago

    Black color

  16. Ritesh kumar 1 year ago

    The privacy is not safe using xiaomi smartphone so, be safe🙏🏼

  17. StudentButNotInsolent 1 year ago

    Xiaomi should improve night quality pictures on redmi note 9s/9 pro.. loss of details of daytime photos, nighttime photos,, night mode isn't optimzed well as 48MP…but dynamic range is better…

  18. INDUS GYAN 1 year ago

    Sir, once in a day always there us a problem with my camera on redmi note 9 pro (can't connect to camera please restart) I purchase this phone because I have trust on you now this problem annoying me PLEASE FIX THIS.

  19. Jewel Mondal 1 year ago

    Kab tak milega ?

  20. Puneet Agnihotri 1 year ago

    This is to inform you that I have purchased redmi note 9 pro recently and after that I have some issues with internet. Currently I am facing slowness in internet speed. I have done all the possible troubleshoot but problem still persists.
    I am one of the loyal customer of redmi series as I already used redmi note 4, redmi note 5, and redmi note 5 pro with a satisfactorily. I using Jio network and Airtel but the problem is persists with both of them network.
    I request you to look into this matter and resolve as soon as possible.


  21. Shahriar Saadman 1 year ago

    Fire your video editor. Too loud background music. Irritating!

  22. Ramen Das 1 year ago


  23. Manthan Salunkhe 1 year ago

    Aurora blue

  24. Raunak Raj 1 year ago

    All spec of smartphone is great.
    Processor is very fast.
    Looks is also killer.
    Battery is also good.

    But Miui is not so good.I have only one problem with mi.

    And some say 60hz is not good.but reality is 90hz and 120 hz display is only hype. You cannot see difference in daily usage.
    If you are hard gamer then it creates slightly difference.

  25. Neha Pandey 1 year ago

    Sir redmi note 9 pro screen bleed in night it is a very big problem is any solution for it

  26. prakash mondal 1 year ago

    Configuration is not bad, phone size is so bad, . Too huge.
    I waiting for next phone mi a4, plz plz don't give us with downgrade, like 720 display, low battery capacity as previous phone.

  27. Ranju Rao 1 year ago

    Why you increased the price of Redmi note 9 pro??

  28. Sanket Dighe 1 year ago

    Background music is too loud

  29. hydra boy 1 year ago


  30. Pradyot Mandal 1 year ago

    Mi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. rupak dutta 1 year ago

    Dear, Manu I am little bit perplexed. What's the actual size of Redmi note 9 pro? Redmi says 6.67 but the system info apps from Google Play store says 6
    64. Pls clarify

  32. അഭിലാഷ് 1 year ago

    Sir , I'm getting very poor bass sound quality while using MI earphone basic.😥 Even if I'm getting enough headset sound quality from my old mobile Redmi 3s prime. So, Please fix the problem next Redmi note 9 pro 🙏

  33. Amortya Debnath 1 year ago

    When will you bring 'Redmi Airdots' in india?

  34. God Men 1 year ago

    Takle is phone me screen bleeding hai… 14000 de ker bi screen bleeding … isko thik kro… abhi bhi waqt hai…..

  35. StudentButNotInsolent 1 year ago

    Redmi note 9 pro can't compete with galaxy m21 & m31 in the camera section… Redmi note 9 pro's night mode is dull,, auto & night mode both are similar, no difference.. redmi note 9 pro's image is not sharped & has not much details compared to m21… In the camera section, m21 is far better than redmi note 9 pro… both pro & pro max have display bleeding & burning issues… I hope xiaomi would fix the all major display & camera related issues by offering software/system update… but the 720G is enough for the price segment..18 watt is also dull… expectation was 27watt

  36. Gurigs 6862 1 year ago

    Please job

  37. Sachin Kumar 1 year ago

    रेडमी नोट 9 प्रो मैक्स कब लांच होगा भारत में

  38. StudentButNotInsolent 1 year ago

    Redmi note 9 pro's night mode camera should have to be improved more to compete with m31, a51, realme 6 series..

  39. N 1 year ago

    My Experience with Xiaomi Company is Very Bad , Without any Fault XIAOMI Company is putting me a loss of 10000 Rs ,From First day onwards Xiaomi Company is saying me  u Complaint is Forwarded to Concern team u had to wait for Resolution then Again and again 13 to 14  times my Complaints was Marked of the Same Concern that in invoice the Name is incorrect and than at last  after Three months Xiaomi Company Said me Modification is not Possible after that on 30 March 2020  when I had opened my handset I found Manufacturing Defect in my Handset that it's Mic and Speaker Both are not Working, On the First day of use I informed to Xiaomi Company about the Manufacturing Defect of my Handset that it's Mic and Speaker Both are not Working but they are not giving me Replacement of my Handset Simply Saying go to Service Center and Get Repair ur Device how it is Possible for Customer to get Repair his handset on the First day of use , I am Requesting Management of Xiaomi Company to please help me , Please give me the Replacement of this manufacturing Defect Handset as Soon as Possible

  40. N 1 year ago

    Xiaomi Company said me not to open the Handset on the first day Because in Invoice my Name is Incorrect then without opening Handset How I come to know that there is a manufacturing Defect in this Handset that was Delivered to me I don't know Why Xiaomi Company is not having any pain of Customer Money , First day of opening Handset I face Manufacturing Defect in my Handset that it's Mic is Not Working , Xiaomi Company is not giving me Replacement of my Handset Simply Saying go to Service Center and Repair ur Handset , How it is possible for Customer to Repair his Handset on the First Day of use Xiaomi Complaint large list WOIN2019121900215 , WOIN2019122700516  , WOIN2020010100166 , WOIN2020012200084 , WOIN2020012700625 , WOIN2020012700725 , WOIN2020013100948 , WOIN2020020400806

  41. iTechVP 1 year ago

    Hatsoff to that Snapdragon 720G in a price of 12999 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Abhishek Tiwari 1 year ago

    Samsung m31 is the way batter then this

  43. bollywood Rock's 1 year ago

    Manu sir no dout bohat hi nice phone bnaya hai redmi ne Lekin muje bas ye samaj nahi a raha k apne screen size to bda diya hai 6.67 inch ka display diya hai . Its good Lekin iski quality kyo giradi apne . Iski brightness bhi kam hai redmi note pro 8 se or ye h.d.r ko bhi support nahi krta hai u tube pe .. asa kyu kiya gya hai . Display ki quality to apko or bhi jada better deni chahiye thi nahi better krni thi to kam se kam redmi note 8 jaisi quality to deni chahoye thi sir.. its really dissapointing .. display ka hi main role hota hai kyoki jadatar Log u.tube pe vds dekhna pasand krte hai ..

  44. RPS India 1 year ago

    Please ek video banao Sir MIUI 12 ke feature ke upar.

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