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Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places

In the center of Caracas, Venezuela, stands the 45-story “Tower of David,” an unfinished, abandoned skyscraper. But about eight years ago, people started moving in. Photographer Iwan Baan shows how people build homes in unlikely places, touring us through the family apartments of Torre David, a city on the water in Nigeria, and an underground village in China. Glorious images celebrate humanity’s ability to survive and make a home — anywhere.

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  1. Lalo30 11 months ago

    Estoy en este video para estudiar y no entiendo ni mierda ah

  2. Rice YT 11 months ago


  3. Antonio Lamossa 11 months ago

    As Latin America i know the poverty from very close. There is no such thing as "the joy of living in slums" !!! The fact that some pretentious idiots with priviledge lives want to glorify misery. Doesn't help a all. All you are gonna see if you visit this places is Illness, violence and the strong will of surviving and specially the hope of making their way out of there someday.

  4. Elise Khoury 11 months ago

    Very impressive way of exploring these places!

  5. 이개똥 11 months ago

    발음이 나만 어렵나?;;;

  6. Anastasia Popova 11 months ago

    Like… uhhh, people are creative 🙂

  7. Alvin lee 11 months ago


  8. Cheryl Cold 11 months ago

    I am from Scotland from a reasonably privileged background, worked in many countries from Libya to Eastern Europe, I now live in Eastern Europe working in Cabinda, Angola. I haven't experienced all you have but understand completely what you are saying. Thank you for a great speech.

  9. Dalia Gregorova 11 months ago

    Really nice speech
    Love your voice 🙂

  10. Riley Hughes 11 months ago

    Very very impressive good speech yew

  11. Kangguk Lee 11 months ago

    very impressive talking ted videos !

  12. K 11 months ago

    Wonderful. 🙂 Also, wow, that Dutch accent is very powerful. 😮 You can hear the way and tones he uses to speak Dutch through his English.

  13. sara meachel 11 months ago

    This Ted talk is my favorite now ! wow I have faith in humans and their creative abilities despite their situations ! 
    they inspired me !

  14. Nana Chunk 11 months ago

    Life uh.. finds a way

  15. Tong Vue 11 months ago

    The conclusion to this session exemplifies the ingenuity of humans. Ignorance is abundant but creativity and innovation thrives. I enjoyed this very much. The bit about digging homes due to lack of materials is engineering at its finest. I wonder how they deal with heavy rains?

  16. elvis ingenatius 11 months ago

    just MIND BLOWING!

  17. unendlichmalnull 11 months ago


    one question: what's the name of this "garbage town" and where its located???

  18. Jurgen Meekel 11 months ago

    Wonderful presentation Iwan…

  19. JinVerde1 11 months ago

    Please get rid of the annoying ads that play simultaneously with the chosen video

  20. Jade Lau 11 months ago

    This is just beautiful

  21. Carlos Arocha 11 months ago

    I agree with you Nelson Garcia. The tower of David has become a circus show for people outside Venezuela who do not have the slightest idea how big a problem it is for the city and the people who live on these structures designed for other purposes.

  22. UFOlici 11 months ago

    what?? is just people homeless that vandalize buildings..maybe is new to you..but is nothing new..come  in Romania and see the Gypsies..they are doing EXACTLY the same NOT just SAD our world will be if no Architects..exist.

  23. EJ Wu 11 months ago

    Was that the tower where Sergeant Brody was kept in?

  24. ivovazov 11 months ago

    Wonderfully done!!!

  25. joecairo1 11 months ago

    It wasn't a mocking laugh, it was basic laughter at the idea of covering the brick wall with brick print wallpaper.. people would laugh no matter if they were poor or rich. An idea like that has comedic value, I'm sure you've seen movies that displays such humor..

  26. Itamar 11 months ago

    The fact that the audience found humorous that the people's choice of "design" was covering 'brick with brick wallpaper' left me outraged. How could you laugh and not find empathise with another human being that just wants a better place to live….and to make that place a home with love and care.

  27. Nelson García 11 months ago

    Now you have all these architects praising torre de David as an example of IDK what (originality?)… I dare you to go live there or in any other slum in Caracas and tell me if that is a real model of architecture or just recipe for chaos… its easy to praise something you do not really understand specially when u come from a first world country, this soooo celebrated slum model doesnt solve any of the problems of the people it creates more and more problems

  28. IchNaturally 11 months ago

    I was hoping to see the colorful slums outside Cape Town included here…

  29. IchNaturally 11 months ago


  30. Zeff Thethird 11 months ago

    Welcome to most of human history, and probably even the conditions of most people alive today.

  31. Satish Gandhi 11 months ago


  32. BSkeptical 11 months ago


  33. Jack Baker 11 months ago

    One of the best TED talks I've watched on YouTube, ingenious solutions to a problem which the world is experiencing

  34. beabaila13 11 months ago

    really, the conditions these people are living in aren't that bad, it's what they're used to, can we just celebrate the creativity and ingenuousness of these people? they aren't some mission trip community,

  35. John Valentino 11 months ago

    People will be homeless in cities of America rather than go to the country and get off the grid. Id love to get out of the city and build my own small house, I do not want a mc mansion nore do I want the taxes to go with it.

  36. tssbhk1 11 months ago

    I'm not impressed by homeless people

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