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Guide to making bonsai wire tree growing on driftwood

It was completely handmade by me and is therefore also a unique piece.

Whether as decoration in the home or office, whether in a showcase, on the shelf, on the desk or a side table it will always be an eye-catcher. Timeless, simple and yet special.


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  1. sakevn 5 months ago

    Please share and subscribe to support me. Thank you very much

  2. Magaly Cacao 5 months ago

    Qué lindo pero q lindo gracias por compartir me gusta q lindo

  3. ta chung 5 months ago

    easy https://youtu.be/bbljKOAWNIA

  4. TheAssassiNyx 5 months ago

    How much wire would you say you used?

  5. franco briolnes 5 months ago

    What guage?

  6. Jamie Trimble 5 months ago

    Hi mate i started building these years ago as gifts but my leafe making process was alot more laboured and ate up 80% of the build so i didnt really pursue the hobby. Im currently trying to find extra ways to make money and stumbled onto your kickstarter. It has a timelapse of the process and i knew straight away ur leaf making process was far better than mine haha. Anyway a quick fb search and iv found u. Im an electrician and generally have alot of waste i can put to use. Would u advise against this? I think you've used a different grade of wire. Anyway i appreciate your helpful videos and nice work man. Subscribing now 😉

  7. VISUAL RUSH 5 months ago

    amazing!!!! what is tool for making leaves~? how can i buy it

  8. Michaela Denning 5 months ago

    What type of wire do you use and where can I get it? I'd LOVE to make something like this for my inlaws at Christmas!

  9. dr.anamika rani 5 months ago

    Amazing art work 😍

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