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FAILED HOI AN TAILOR MI$$ION + PEANUT BUTTER BURGER | BeBe – Vietnam Travel Vlog 076, 2017

Hoi An is known as the tailor capital of Vietnam, some may even say the world, with BeBe being the most well known. If you’re planning on some shopping you don’t have to go far to find one of many Hoi An Tailors, the shopping spots and stores are scattered everywhere but they all have a different price. Each place says they are the best tailor in Hoi An, but who can you really trust?

We decided to check out the top rated spot BeBe to get a dress made, but things didn’t really go to plan when we found out the cost. Check the video to hear more details.

Then we scope out one of the best burger joints in Hoi An for a Peanut Butter Burger!

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  1. Daneger and Stacey 12 months ago

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  2. Giang Nguyen 12 months ago

    Thank you so much for this helpful video. Btw, what is the villa you stay called?

  3. sammie smith 12 months ago

    I plan to live in Vietnam as a retired military expat for sometime and these videos are helpful. I also plan to buy suits and othr accesories during my time in Vietnam.

  4. Brandy L 12 months ago

    Hi, thanks for another great video! You mentioned finding a middle ground but I didn't see it mentioned. I'm looking for a middle ground tailor too for a dress. Reccomendations???

  5. tranimal72 12 months ago

    Love your vlogs and how u show my favourite plane in all of Vietnam been going there
    the times a year for the last five years . I was wondering where u live in new Zealand I used to live in Nelson?I hope to meet u guys there one day and have a nice chat cheers from a vietnamese -Canadian.

  6. Tuấn Sơn Đào Bá 12 months ago


  7. The Bootleg Bowie and Rarities channel 12 months ago

    HA HA Thats funny not only did you stay at Mr Tho's but you visited Bebe's as well…As my daughter was getting married in Dec 17 we went along to get suits made for the wedding for myself and my sons at Bebes and they were very well made…when we came back to NZ and wedding plans were in full swing it turned out that hiring 5 suits for the groom and groomsmen [some of the boys being big kiwi blokes] was not going to be easy…So we got in touch with Bebes sent measurements and got 5 suits and 5 shirts made for the same price as it was going to cost to hire them here…they were made and arrived in 2 weeks and were perfect…so i can highly recommend them but are probably a bit more pricey when travelling on a budget….stay safe and will keep watching…[just watched the latest vlog..]…

  8. sheba021 12 months ago

    I was really fixated on making Chiang Mai my future home but you guys put Hoi An in my head and after a bit of exploring online I am completely torn now. I have no idea where to go. 😀

  9. Mariah Healey 12 months ago

    Yuuuuuuuum dem burgers look legit <3

  10. bumble bee 12 months ago

    $60 – $129 for a freakin' dress in Vietnam. Guys, come to America and you can buy that same dress for less. But those sandwiches sure look good. Your place looks nice for the price that you paid.

  11. Richard Rapana 12 months ago

    Sup guys! Can you name drop the tailors ya’ll used? Or maybe I missed it lol. Heading your way in about 3 weeks. If you need anything from home (New Zealand), gimme a shout. In Hoi An from 1st Nov till 5th ??

  12. Monkey Hop 12 months ago

    Where are you guys now , we are doing daily , we are in hoi an , would love to collaborate

  13. Keri Judith 12 months ago

    Hey guys!! Enjoyed todays vlog. Thanks! 🙂 Love the drone footage and can't wait to see your My Son drone footage too. Hubby is dead set keen to get a drone even more now. From the drone footage above your villas, it looks like there is further development/more accommodation being built right next to you? We honestly found that the smaller tailors do just as good of a job as the places like BeBe. Yaly is also another 'up market' one thats good but really expensive or if you want leather, highly recommend Buffalo Leather. Yes they are TripAdvisory but worth it. OMG the kitten was super cute!!! Hope Stacey manages to find somewhere to get some tailor made clothes. Was a bloody close game of rugga over the weekend!!

  14. Allan Su 12 months ago

    Makes me wonder how it would taste with a huge scoop of peanut butter 😀

  15. Jake Casey 12 months ago

    Yes guys!!! I loved this one. Y'all keep getting better and better.

  16. Cam and Kels 12 months ago

    we seriously wanted to buy so much stuff in Hoi An… it's so hard to go there and not spend all your money because its just so cheap you want to buy everything haha

  17. Cheap Charlie Pip. 12 months ago

    Enjoyed the drone views – looking forward to the jeeps ! ???Thankyou.

  18. jazper go 12 months ago

    I finally back here.☺

  19. Nard Walker 12 months ago

    Hoi an sound te meke brooooooo….. just sending you some kiwi hori vibez lol ha ha….. sweet az you guys.

  20. Tracey Tang 12 months ago

    That shoutout tho! 😛 Did Stacey bargain? A month ago in Hoi An a lady tried to sell us fake North Face jackets for 800k. My boyfriend was so firm and the lady was extremely persistent, we ended up getting some for 400k! Incredible how much they mark things up. Already having Hoi An withdrawals 🙁 Are you guys far off from Hoi An Emotion Villa? 6:02 looks awfully familiar

  21. DearJRenae 12 months ago

    Wait, raining season just began??? Oh no, I'm planning to move there in December ??I may have to change.

  22. Two Broskis 12 months ago

    Dude, Hoi An looks amazing, really should go there ?

  23. Adam Raymond 12 months ago

    Back in 1st place again 😛

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