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BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG – Characteristics and Care

The Bernese Mountain Dog, sometimes known as the Bernese Cattle Dog, is a large sized dog with an even bigger personality. They are very calm, docile and loving dogs, making them particularly popular as family dogs, especially those with a lot of room to spare. They will be great to snuggle up with on the sofa, but that is only as long as they have had the right amount of exercise and are given enough mental stimulation to meet their intelligent character. Here at AnimalWised we bring you the characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog. We also provide information on what sort of care needs you can expect if you adopt one into your own family, including health expectations. As you will see, they are a dog which will get on with anyone, but, practically, they are not for everyone. Keep watching to find out more and take a look at their breed file for further reference:

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  1. That Guy Cameron 1 year ago

    I want that

  2. Griffin Lynch 1 year ago

    I have a Bernice mountain dog named champ and he is 6 he is 110 pounds

  3. Elvira Born 1 year ago

    We have a Bernese Mtn dog, and we just adore him so much! A neighbour brought him over one day , saying he had showed up at his place a month ago and they couldn’t find the owner. We adopted him, have loved him from day one, so loyal, loving, yet a guard dog! We live on 17 acres which he explores everyday and definitely loves going for walks with me! He has warned us when our horses get into trouble, watches the horses when we go away for a few days, our neighbour tells us, who keeps tabs on our animals those days. Everyday when I chase the horses in for the night, he is up and running in a flash, the horses just see him coming and head for the gate. I always say, if he could just pull the gate closed that would be perfect!?
    He especially loves it when all the grandkids come, following them all around the yard!

  4. Kid Curry 1 year ago

    we had brother and sister. he lived to 11 her 12. have another named otis. he is 2 1/2 and full of life. we couldn't be happier with him. he's a big part of the family.

  5. Mike Brower 1 year ago

    I had my dakota for 8 years she was a treasure no-one that gets a bernese will be disappointed they are amazing animals

  6. Tenzing Medo 1 year ago

    What is the price in India

  7. SpectraLab 1 year ago

    Cute doggoo

  8. DC Williams 1 year ago

    2:55 – 3:02 haaaaa so cute

    Awesome !!!!!!!!

  9. Gareth van der Westhuyzen 1 year ago

    04:00 is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and not a Bernese Mountain Dog

  10. Wolfy 1 year ago

    4:01 That's a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

  11. Trudy Cederqvist 1 year ago

    I love the dog

  12. Phoenix 154 1 year ago

    I have one his name is Phoenix

  13. Joey Amstutz 1 year ago

    My grandmother had one, and i could ride on his back. Fantastic dog breed, my favorite

  14. Blake Mullins 1 year ago

    Cant wait till im 18, out of the house, ready to like go on adventures and adopt a dog. Would this breed be a fun loving adventurous type??

  15. IsaacZgz !!! 1 year ago


  16. Todd Miller 1 year ago

    My Berner passed away 2 years ago and I think I’m ready for a new Berner.

  17. Mirian Serpas 1 year ago

    My neighbors gave a 4 month old Bernese, he’s so cute and playful, but he jumps and bites on them. What can they do?

    They took them to petco for training, but still doing that. They walked him every day.

  18. Mathieu Seguin 1 year ago

    My puppy is part Bernese! She is one of the most playful dogs I know!

  19. Yazmin Aredes 1 year ago

    Precioso pichicho ???????????????

  20. Adam Stone 1 year ago

    My friend and former neighbor had a Bernese Mountain Dog. I knew him since he was a puppy. He was great. My neighbor fostered dogs, and the Bernie always helped the fosters. He was always kind to my dog who weighs in at 11 pounds. My favorite memory of him is that he would bark at me if I only used one hand to pet him. He wanted both of my hands. Such a sweet dog. I’m sorry he’s gone now.

  21. Tazzy2Tap 1 year ago

    i cant find any places with this breed!!!

  22. nate dogg 1 year ago

    My bernese mountain dog is almost a year old

  23. David R 1 year ago


  24. Joseph Tutolo 1 year ago

    I just was offered a 7 year old BMD as her owner has advancing Alzheimer's disease. I've owned and trained a number of hunting dogs and terriers. If anyone has any insight into making the transition relative to this breed please let me know. I pretty sure having a nuclear family, large yard and a "brother" terrier who loves big dogs will be a positive in her life. I'm just concerned with the short term. Great video !

  25. Brett Hackett 1 year ago

    Can they handle warmer weather?

  26. Nerf warm 1 year ago

    Does it get along well with cats

  27. Enjoy Life 1 year ago

    St Bernard's cousin

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