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SHN Rating for AMY 👻👻( Terrible performance on PS3)

The city is infected! Walking corpses sniff the air, flaring out anything still alive. There is only one thing keeping you from running for your life. A special little girl holds your hand… You’re not going anywhere without her.AMY offers you a tense, innovative and immersive experience in survival horror gaming. Play two original characters who alone are desperately fragile, but united become a force capable of confronting the denizens of a living hell. Get ready to become infected.

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  1. Jeff Schmeganheiman 1 year ago

    Amy is an atrocious mess mountain of monstrous bullcrap. Hope the programmers are homeless for making this dumpster fire.

  2. Watermelon Meme Here 1 year ago

    name of intro song?

  3. Sable Branwen 1 year ago

    The Last of Us, but really really bad.

  4. NewYork HipHop Style 1 year ago

    The is one bad ass bitch running and killing zombies and monster in high heels and skirt

  5. Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th 1 year ago

    Well, there are some good things in this game: that music cue that goes "beboobeboobeboo" during puzzle sequences was kind of good, Lana has nice legs, footsteps sound somewhat pleasant and the game is short, which is good in this particular case. I guess that's it. Thank you for playing it for us.

  6. Rei Suzuya 1 year ago

    Hello !!!!

  7. coolasianbro 1 year ago

    after finishing this I checked out radbrad, and it seems like I already watched it from him 7 years ago, so thats why there are parts like the shockwave thing was familiar to me, great gameplay, I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end

  8. coolasianbro 1 year ago

    how come some of the stills at the end were not in this game or at least you havent encountered

  9. coolasianbro 1 year ago

    this game would be bonkers if its official sountrack is If You Seek Amy by Britney

  10. Kasumach 1 year ago

    Ufff la cancion del final me da mucha nostalgia :,)

  11. Julia Hart 1 year ago

    Marchello's got some big ass hands

  12. AviCul o 1 year ago

    I bought this game back in 2013 because it was cheap and played it once but up until today I just found out its considered one of the worst games of the decade according to watch mojo lol. I forgot this game existed tbh

  13. Fuck You 1 year ago

    Thanks for taking the guesswork out, I was with you every step of the way literally…….

  14. Ahmad 1 year ago

    Is This Game For Ps4?

  15. Matiii Ariiel 1 year ago

    it's a low budget game, it does her job. I enjoy it so much everytime I play it. Cheap and entertaining

  16. Gresh Zuki 1 year ago

    I am all for original content – ( as long as it is done well of course ) – but there a lot of games I would love to see good remakes of and this game is one of them…along with Hydrophobia.

  17. Grumpy Cat 1 year ago

    And the award for the most unoptimised game goes to…

  18. Clear Crystal Games 1 year ago

    Theost horrific thing in the game is that soldier t posing

  19. CozyWeeb 1 year ago

    I am here bc I seen "worst horror games"
    Yeah the framerates are horror

  20. Jane Medina 1 year ago

    It is a train with only a few people 😂

  21. Rayven bird 1 year ago

    Kinda reminds me of detroit becomes human

  22. Giuseppe Ianniello 1 year ago

    Interesting concept but…

    Executed very poorly
    Graphics, Framerates and Controls are god-awful
    The voice acting is laughable
    Amy AI is irritating

    Final score
    2 out of 10

  23. Rubén Omar 1 year ago

    you really need to love survival horror games to play this.

  24. Yandere Skitty 1 year ago

    Also, Lana always sounded like a right cow. I hated how she was so snarky to everyone.

  25. Yandere Skitty 1 year ago

    played this, never understood it lol the way the people spoke irritated me

  26. Adry Georgiana 1 year ago

    I've enjoyed this game but until at the time when they are at the checkpoint room somewhere between 44:00 and 50:00 I guess when she has to go around so then the phone can work, all the redness infestation take over her and I don't have the syringe as you have in the video and I don't find one, is a bit frustrating and I stopped playing

  27. Space cadet 1 year ago

    Yea this shit is fockin gay

  28. Connor Mills 1 year ago

    This game was executed so poorly that it makes the Last Of Us look optimistic despite coming out a year later.

  29. Charles Hope 1 year ago

    Once she ran away the game lost me

  30. Дмитрий Грязнов 1 year ago

    I like to think that the devs of what would be "A Plague Tale: Innocence" looked at this and thought: "How about we take this cool concept and make a game that… you know… won't suck. Let's also place it into medieval setting in order to avoid comparisons."

  31. mark t. 1 year ago

    1:46:59 hello there

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